Good news on tiny wings!

More good news... So our broccoli crop had some problems this year and went to flower after the first yield.  Yesterday, my four-year-old grandson went over to see if any more broccoli was growing and he discovered that the flowers were being visited by at least two dozen honey bees! I am so glad that my lack of skill at growing broccoli resulted in a feast for some honey bees. I took this picture this morning, but it was so windy that there were no bees.  I hope my sweet, little, winged farmers come back soon. They do so much more for us than we know. As a child, I was taught to fear bees, but really what we should all fear is a world without honey bees.

Here is a link to a brief article about what would happen in a world without bees.http://www.naturalnews.com/032296_honey_bees_pollinators.html

ImageBy the way, you can eat those little yellow flowers - slighty sweet and refreshing. But now that the bees have found them, I'll leave them on their stalks.